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You Will Not Have My Hate

Release date 2022

Based on the #1 international bestseller and inspiring, true memoir by Antoine Leiris. From the producers of “A Fantastic Woman” and “Toni Erdmann”. Directed by BAFTA-nominated Kilian Riedhof.

One night in November 2015, when Antoine Leiris was at home looking after his baby son, his wife Hélène was killed, along with 88 other people, at the Bataclan Theatre in Paris. Three days later, Antoine wrote an open letter to his wife’s killers on Facebook. He refused to be cowed or to let his baby son’s life be defined by their acts. “For as long as he lives, this little boy will insult you with his happiness and freedom,” he wrote. Instantly, that short post caught fire and was shared thousands of times around the world. An extraordinary and heartbreaking memoir, You Will Not Have My Hate is a universal message of hope and resilience in our troubled times.


True Story, Drama


Kilian Riedhof


Pierre Deladonchamps

Camélia Jordana

Thomas Mustin