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The Food Club

Home Entertainment - 8th May 2021

Similar to Eat, Pray, Love, The Food Club begins after Christmas Eve celebrations, when Marie finds out that her husband has another woman and wants a divorce. Desperate, she wonders what will become of her life. But above all, what will she do with this Italian cuisine tasting course for two just received as a present from their children? After summoning her girlfriends, the inconsolable widow Vanja, and the independent Berling, the decision is made: to add a seat at the table and go to beautiful Puglia, Italy!

Once arrived at the countryside farmhouse, their days are marked by the daily menus, the walks between the olive groves, and the savoury dinners washed down with red wine. Nevertheless, Marie can’t think of anything other than winning her husband back; Vanja can’t let herself go with a man who isn’t her beloved spouse, even though he has been dead for some time; and Berling continues to think only of herself and to refuse the passing of time. But at the end of the five days, needless to say, the three friends will not be the same.

The Food Club is a new film to add to the string of comedies with mature characters rediscovering life. The director and her screenwriter flavour the whole film with a bittersweet and sincere look at older age, and in the end portray, through the adventures of these three grown women who find their strength in their union, a beautiful alternative of life.




Barbara Topsoe-Rothenborg


Kirsten Lehfeldt

Stina Ekblad

Kirsten Olesen