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Release date 18th August 2021

A horror thriller with a high-tech sci-fi twist, Demonic is written and directed by Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium).

When Carly Spenser learns that her estranged mother Angela has fallen into a coma, she reluctantly agrees to take part in a cutting-edge therapy that will allow her to tap into Angela’s still-active brain and communicate with her. Observed by physician Michael and neuroscientist Daniel, she enters a harrowing simulation of Angela’s mindscape where she discovers the powerful supernatural force that drove her mother to commit unspeakable acts of violence nearly two decades earlier. Afterward, haunted by terrifying visions, Carly joins forces with her old friend Martin as she desperately tries to fend off the monstrous demon before it can enter a new host and inflict more pain and suffering on the world.




Neil Blomkamp


Carly Pope

Nathalie Boltt

Chris William-Martin